The advantages of using Magic Article Rewriter

To be successful in web publishing, you must be subscribed to the “content is king” theory. Content is what feeds the search engines and attract visitors to your website. Webmasters and many beginners fail in content creation, because they don’t like to write.

Creation of lots of content at the speed of lightning can be achieved by “borrowing” content from other people or by using an article rewriter. It is a myth that search engines only rank sites with original content - this is simply not true. But what is true is that unique content and only unique content will lead you at the Top 10 results on the first page!

What is unique content and why do you need article rewriter?

Magic Article Rewriter is produced with the intention to facilitate your work online! If content is not unique, search engines won’t index it well enough!

However, RSS technology provides an easy way for webmasters to syndicate content from other websites. But is it enough?

You can grab YouTube videos, news for Yahoo, eBay Auction Items, photos from Flickr, and Amazon products, and make all syndicated on your website, offering a wealth of information and value for your visitors, and thus appearing “unique” to search engines. But is it true? In fact, not! You will get penalized even that way!

What are the additional bonuses of Magic Article Rewriter?

In fact, the additional bonus is that all material is aimed squarely at the niche that addresses what the content is relevant to what your visitors are looking for, because Magic Article Rewriter generates hundreds of unique articles, which are unique, but have the same meaning!

In fact Magic Article Rewriter will do everything for you, if you also use the tokens database!

The best feature of the tokens database is that it automatically generates fresh content from your main article. You simply install it once, and then you can use it with the click of a button. It is highly recommended that you take also the Magic Article Submitter, which will let you take advantage of the whole package! Remember, “Content is king” and Magic Article Rewriter is easy and affordable solution to any problem of webmaster content.

Is that all? Only an article rewriter?

As we mentioned, apart from Magic Article Rewriter, we also have other webmaster tools available, such as Magic Article Submitter and the Magic Tokens Database. We definitely want to provide you only the most quality products that will help you make more money online.

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