Article rewrite process with Magic Article Rewriter explained in the simplest way…

A well-written article will attract more visitors in a hurry. It will also create a viral effect because good content is distributed quickly through the network for users to publish, link and / or bookmark it.
How not to write articles
Do not just create a copy of the original article, changing the words or phrases around. After all, there will be real humans reading it. For the content to be good enough to attract as much visitors as possible, all you need is to keep some simple, yet very effective advices, especially when you are doing an article rewrite. The original and rewritten content should not be recognized as the same article.

How to write an article

1. Define your objective
Determine what your article will be used for and the number of versions you need. For example, publishing 3 unique versions of the same article on your website, blog and some article directory. The benefits of using article rewrite will be getting high traffic from many websites as also online magazines, e-zines, blogs, etc…

2. First compose the original content
Set a time limit and just start writing content so your creative ideas flow freely from your mind. Do not worry about correct spelling or grammar errors until you have completed the article.
Let it stand for a few hours or even one day after reviewing what you’ve written to make sure it is error-free and ready for publication.

3. And here comes the article rewrite process, which is semi-automated with Magic Article Rewriter
• Create a different title.
• Rewrite each paragraph with alternative keywords and modify the structure of each sentence with the help of the software.
• Use the thesaurus to find synonyms for the words you want to use in the article variations.
• Redo the resource box to change the call to action and use a different anchor text.
Done! Your article is ready! It couldn’t be simpler and faster, right?

4. Now, how Magic Article Rewriter will create additional versions of the same article?
It is sometimes difficult to rewrite the same article and not duplicate what you have written, if you do it manually. But not with Magic Article Rewriter, the article rewrite process of this software is so effective that only with a click of a button you will have a new version, completely unique and different from the original article and the other spun versions! To avoid repeating keywords, however, you may simply add some new, alternative keywords to each new version of our article.

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  1. Bought articlerewriter a few months ago and just got a new computer. Is there any way to transfer the program from my old computer to the new one? Sorry for writing this on here, but didn’t know how else to contact you.


    C Small

  2. just install it onyour new PC.
    contact form is here

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