The cool features of Magic Article Submitter

The slogan “work smarter, not harder” really applies to writing and presenting your business online!

Ezine articles are without doubt one of the best ways to drive traffic to your affiliate site and increase your SEO, right? But do you know that if you miss the other directories, soon your business will capitulate?

Whether making a presentation manually or with a submitter of the article, the basic elements remain unchanged. Before submitting an article for a site, you must register, right? This procedure is usually completing a form online and receiving a confirmation to your e-mail. Now with Magic Article Submitter, it is turned into a simple click of several buttons and everything’s done! You are registered user of over 700 article directories and now you are ready to click the Submit button!

What it does next is automating virtually all article submissions. If you are not familiar with article marketing, this is simply posting articles on websites in order to get traffic. So, let’s get back to the main topic - Magic Article Submitter will store your login information for each site, and you’re connected in the articles directories and logged in at any time. The user interface is so easy to use and it’s excellent for getting a lot of traffic for free.

Normally, the submission process to 700 article sites would take forever, but with Magic Article Submitter, you can easily automate the process, giving tons of free traffic for literary no efforts. In the beginning, I published a couple of different articles and traffic increased more than 50% in a matter of few days!

So, here is what you have to do to use the software successfully:

First, you need to add articles by clicking the “Add Article” button. This is quick and easy to do every time you have a new article.

After that, simply click the button “Submit”!

And finally the submission process is started! Every time you breathe in and out, your article gets submitted to at least 10 article directories with the help of Magic Article Submitter!

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