How to create unique article the easy way? What are the alternatives?

To create unique article of 400 to 700 words you might take up to 2 and a half hours. By then you are mentally tired to quickly to write another, even if this is what you mostly love to do as a main income stream or as a hobby. When the first article is still fresh in your mind and you are full of ideas, you always try to write it as fast as you can, so that you can proceed to the next article, right? Now, there is a piece of software, which can help you create literary hundreds of versions of your article almost automatically! It is Magic Article Rewriter. The total time for you to create a spun article should not exceed more than a half hour. Now you can click a button and voila - you have hundreds of unique versions of your main article, which you can submit anywhere you want!

Search engines search only for content that is completely unique. For them that means only 20%-30% of the content may be duplicate. The first article should be submitted to let’s say your website. The other versions should be submitted to article directories to drive you traffic. Google and Yahoo will penalize those with duplicate content, because these are 2 companies that have a surprising amount of control over the Internet destinations in their hands.

The most qualified companies have programmed their system to be on alert for duplicate content. They want fresh ideas covered, and if you do not create unique article, they may even ban your account. That said you could see where the rewriting can be rewarding.

You may want to send your articles to another new directory for more exposure. If you put an exact copy of your original article on your personal website that will put you under close scrutiny for plagiarism and here you will face the penalty. In addition, any web site needs a lot of great content for your readers to enjoy and it must not be published elsewhere.

Magic Article Rewriter will help you save a lot of time, because you can generate countless new articles, create new websites on the fly and submit fresh content to all major article directories, in a matter of minutes!

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