Why should you create unique article every time you submit content online?

Article rewriting is a skill that many think they possess, but only a few do. There are many reasons to create unique article and approaching that task. One of them is you will get the best methods to promote your business online. Let us look at some typical objectives people have when rewriting articles.

Create unique article and submit it to article directories

The popular software Magic Article Rewriter will always provide you a second version of any article, so that the search engines will receive a large quantity of articles instead of only one. This allows a version to be published on your website and the rewritten versions to be submitted to article directories. The purpose of doing this is to prevent competition with others using exactly the same keywords they do. That seems to have the clear purpose of writing an article on your own website and then submitting that article to the directories.

Then there is competition for keywords against potentially hundreds of other websites using their own paper. You can have your resource box in your site, where you can provide a valuable link, but this could be enough to offset the competition with everything that duplicate content can cause your site in the long term.

What you should do to avoid this is to offer an alternative version of your article to the directories. It should be given the same meaning as in the original article, but it should contain different semantics. The keyword density should be reasonable, at around 1%-2%, but the full text of the article must be relevant to the specific keywords. The rewrite should be different enough to be considered as unique, but not so different that does not adequately address the issue in the main subject of the article.

Using the same article in more than one Web page?

Exactly the same criteria should be used if you want to use the same article in a series of different web sites or pages that use the same keyword. Here, you are competing against yourself, if you publish the same piece of information and therefore article should be rewritten to stop this from happening. You have the same situation as above, except that you are of your own competition against yourself. Unless the article is radically rewritten, it will be again in danger of diluting a website with similar content. This is the most common reason for rewriting your article.

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