Why duplicate content is a website-killer? Create unique article, publish it, and see the results!

Article marketing is a proven method for building backlinks, increasing search engine rankings and attracting a steady stream of visitors. Most article writers write and then publish an article on their website or blog and post the same article to multiple directories.

Unless you rewrite your own article, you will be sooner or later penalized. Most professional writers rewrite their article several times before publication. You can create unique article as a form of advertising and multiply it into different versions for article directories and blog posts with the help of Magic Article Rewriter!

Writers who focus more on quantity rather than quality can create unique article of 300-500 words in 30 minutes and it will be published immediately. This can be good for blogs and some article directories do not check the quality of articles rewritten. However, they tend to require higher quality.

Five Reasons to rewrite your article:

1. Improving the quality of your content

When writing an article that it is best to simply write and think without having to correct what you reads. This method allows ideas to flow easily. After completing the article, you will sit for a while, review it, and then rewrite the article so that it is improved. It will greatly enhance the quality of the content.

2. Correcting grammar and spelling mistakes

It’s easy to overlook the grammar and spelling errors after the first draft of the article. If you let another pair of eyes to check, you will repeatedly find mistakes you missed. Rewrite to eliminate errors.

3. Creating some unique versions

If you send the same content throughout the web with the first filing, search engines will again index it. However, if you want for your content more exposure, you have to rewrite it to create unique article again and again. By presenting different versions to the top article directories, you do not need to worry about duplicate content. Each article will generate its own new flow of traffic.

4. Generating multiple streams of traffic

Each article rewritten generates a new stream of traffic. By rewriting original content, you make sure you can stand on that single article and send it to different publications.

5. Becoming a guest writer

Your article should be your best weapon in the internet business. It will be your final draft that has been rewritten several times. Contacting your editor to know what length you need and offering them exclusive rights to it, will guarantee that your article will not be published elsewhere. You will be often required to publish several pages in length. In that case, you have to send a package of several articles together.

Do not dismiss print publications like magazines or newspapers. Exposing your business to these will attract a wide audience, even though these visitors cannot spend time online.

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