Welcome to easy Backlinks - the great way to get backlinks

Welcome to your Easy Backlinks Free Account and thank you for signing up!

In this video I like to show you what you can do within your free Easy Backlinks account and what you will get when decide to upgrade

Easy Backlink is very powerful content syndication and backlinks building system and your way to get backlinks

Within your free account you can syndicate your content to 20 high authority sites like twitter, blogger, google site, wordpress.com, youtube, Dailymotion and other high authory sites, you may even syndicate content to your own wordpress blogs

I hope you will be amazed what easy backlinks can do and will upgrade soon to Premium account

And you will be able

  • Create Unlimited Projects
  • Submit to 80+ Sites or even more
  • Up to 6000 Submissions
  • Create Unlimited RSS Feeds
  • Create 100+ Web 2.0 Profiles
  • Subbmit 50+ Citations
  • Submit Video and Maps Embeds
  • And will enjoy our exclusive Automatic Accounts Creation feature

There are a few upgrade option available

Without Automatic Accounts creation Annual and monthly and with automatic accounts creation also Monthly and annual

So when you ready just hit Upgrade to Premium button to save your time and to move your internet marketing to the absolutely new level

And now Let me show you how to get started

First of all we need to create Project

Project could be your site or client name or anything else related to your particular campaign

I click Create new project button and give it name hit Save

Now we are ready to setup our accounts

But before setup accounts you need to create email account on any free email service like Gmail or Hotmail

Then go to each site in the accounts list and create new brand accounts and store them in Excel File to add them later to Easy Backlinks

After registering on each site go to your mailbox and open emails you got after registration on sites and click confirmation links

Yes this steps may look time consuming and here is solution for it

1. Upgrade your free account to Easy Backlink premium And you will be able to syndicate your content to more than 200 high authority sites

2. And second option is to order gig on fever shite who will create accounts for you. Simply Navigate to fivver.com and type Easy Backlink in Search. As you see there are gigs that will create accounts for your free easy backlinks just for 5buks

Ok and now is time to import our accounts to Easy Backlink

We need to save excel file with our  accounts to CSV format and import them to Easy Backlinks

So I go to accounts, switch to All Accounts Tab Click Operation, import accounts , choose my file and click open

That is so simple! And now your accounts are imported to EASY Backlinks

And now you need to do activation of  your Twitter, Blogger , Googlesites, and Youtube    accounts

Navigate to every of that accounts click Activate and follow instruction you will see

Lets activate our twitter account

I click Activate, fill my login and password

To do that I simply copy paste my login and password from Easy Backlinks

and hit Authorize App

Please do the same for your blogger and google sites and Youtube account

And now our accounts are ready to accept our content

To publish content I go to Publish in Menu, Then select site I like to post to let it be Status Updates as example

Click Add button

Paste your Status message and hit create button

And to start posting I click select all button and      click Publish Scheduled button select date when I like to start posting and for how many days I like to spread my submission. So with this settings Easy Backlinks will submit your post within 7 days from now. We do Scheduling and spreading to not submit to all sites at same time but to do publishing in some timeframe to make it look natural for google

The process of syndicating to Bookmarking , Blogging ,Documents Sharing and Video Sites is absolutely the same and you may see details in our help section or by clicking links here

Please also consider to watch our video about 2 tier backlinks building which allows you to create long playing and very powerful backlinks building campaigns


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    Welcome to your Easy Backlinks Free Account and thank you for signing up! In this video I like to show you what you can do within your free Easy Backlinks…

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