Magic Article Submitter Review

And I am here to show you my new software,  Magic Article Submitter

The program is very powerful, and very easy to work with.
After completing 5 easy steps, you will have submitted a unique article to around 700 article directories, and created a huge number of backlinks .

Step #1 – register a googlemail email account and setup your profile
Step #2 – click the “create accounts” button to automatically register as an author with magic
Article submitters huge list of built in article directories.
Step #3 – click the “activate accounts” button and magic article submitter will automatically
process the confirmation link emails to activate your accounts.
Step #4 – create your article and then select appropriate categories
Step #5 – click the “submit articles” button and magic article submitter will automatically submit
your article to around 700 directories.

While I was testing Magic Article Submitter I submitted articles containing backlinks to my website, .  I was amazed when after only a small number of posts using Magic article submitter, the Page rank of my site suddenly jumped to PR3.

Feel free to check it out for yourself.
is a new domain that was registered in April 2009, after just 2 months the domain has a Page rank of 3. This will give you an indication of the power of Magic Article Submitter.

I am now going to show you the features of Magic Article Submitter step by step.

The software has a built in wizard that makes it very easy to use.

Just click the wizard button and select “Go to Profiles management”
Then fill out the profile data and click next.

Magic Article Submitter will start creating your author accounts  with its huge built in database of  article directories.
Occasionally, windows will appear asking you to enter a captcha image text, which is required to

create an account on certain directories. Just enter the captcha image text and click “ok”
This process will take approximately 3 minutes to complete, and you will then have created accounts in around 700 directories.

If we go to the email inbox of the googlemail account used in my profile, you will see that there are lots of emails with activation links that have arrived. Do not worry! Magic Article Submitter will also automatically activate these accounts for you.

Just click the next button.

The software will start to read all emails containing activation messages,
and will also check the spam folder.

Next Magic Article Submitter will automatically activate all of your author accounts, by processing these activation links. Magic Article submitter will then verify the accounts by trying to log in to each article directory.

This process usually takes around 10 minutes and you can now see that we now have activated accounts in 665 article directories.

Not a bad start! We can also see a display of any errors caused by a of delay in receiving activation emails from article directories.
You may repeat the activation process any time you wish.

If I now log back into my mailbox, you can see that all activation messages have been automatically read.

We are now ready to add an new article.

To do this just Click  the next button.
Select create new article.
Then enter your article into the article wizard, making sure you complete each article field.

You can use either hand written articles or articles spun by Magic Article Rewriter, the best article rewriting and spinning tool on the market.

Using spun articles will submit a unique article to each directory and have a huge impact on the quality of inbound links you receive.
By using Magic Article Rewriter I can view rewritten versions of the article I have spun.

Just select, copy and paste the text for your title, summary, content, resource box and keyword anchored links. And then click next.

We are now going to select the categories that our article will be submitted to.
You can select multiple categories by entering different keywords and clicking the search button.
We are now ready to submit our article.

To close the wizard just click the finish button.

Now click the submit articles button, and
Magic article submitter will start submitting your article.

The submission process takes an average of just 5 minutes to complete.

Magic article submitter has just submitted my article into 286 directories that contain the categories I selected.

If you uncheck the bypass not selected categories checkbox, you will be able to manually select an appropriate category for your article, and maximize the quantity of your submitted articles up to around 700 submissions.

That’s basically it! Now you just need to add a new articles and submit them ! In just a few minutes you will have hundreds of quality back links to your site, as well as the extra traffic coming from the article directories themselves.
Look how my Magic Article Submitter works in real action – please watch this video and marvel how quickly the things can be done and how much time you will save:

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23 Responses to “Magic Article Submitter Review”

  1. Where do you put the links in your articles? In the body of the article or in the resource box? I know that every article directory has there different requirements for placement and number of links in an article, how does your software deal with this situation?

    I like you magic article spinner and think it works great. I have just purchased your magic article submitter but am wondering how it deals with links in an article.

    Could you email me a responce to this question?
    Really appreciate it!

  2. I absolutely love this tool. It is so powerful. I was wondering how to add article directories to it because I tried to add some and they could not be added even from Article Dashboard. Do you have a link to a list of Article Dashboard you could recommend. Also, I’m trying to build a large Token database for Magic Article rewriter. do you have a list you could recommend. Can’t wait to see what you come out with next. Social bookmarking submitter?????? I’m buying it!

    Thanks a lot


  3. The links should be in resource field
    it could be like this

    Magic Article Rewriter allows you to produce dozen of brand <a href="">free articles</a> in a few minutes

    of course spun text can be there also

    Magic Article Rewriter allows you to produce dozen of brand <a href="{||}/">{free articles|keyword one|keyword two|keywork three}</a> in a few minutes.


    Magic Article Rewriter allows you to produce dozen of brand {<a href="">free articles</a>|<a href="">keyword two</a>} in a few minutes

  4. Thanks Steve!

    There is 700 AD in database already. I am going to extend this DB. Just need time for it.
    All list of Article Dashboard sites i have managed to find are in Magic Article Submitter already.
    I am going to write am email to Magic Article Rewriter customers to collect their database of tokens then merge it and send everyone who sent me own tokens list.

    This will be very cool the same situation with custom synonyms database.

  5. Roshan Prasad on July 10th, 2009 at 12:31 am

    In the near future are you planning to include a dipping feature in the software, where the users can fix the number of articles submitted per day or can schedule numbers and date for submission, for each article.

  6. I was so excited about this. It is fast, includes the directories, and activates them! WOW! But … after running the activation process twice, I only have 7 accounts activated and 555 unactivated. Is this common and what can I do to reverse this?

  7. It seams to me that forgot to activate IMAP in your googlemail account. Please refer to user manual.

  8. I’ve bought the MAR, it’s a great tool for article rewriting. Your MAS is interesting too. I would be happy if you could get me a glimpse of the list of 700 article directories which the MAS submit to. Thanks.

  9. Alexandr,

    I recent purchased your software and found that after creating a gmail account with IMAP enabled that it wouldn’t activate many accounts. I simply keep getting errors such that it cannot login or that the username/pass are invalid.

    What is going on here?

  10. The the list of directories you can find here
    magic article submitter

  11. please contact me at

  12. Hi

    Your doc or video on article submitter isn’t to clear on where the links should be or the different boxes



  13. The links can be in resourses box only. You may add 1-2 links there.

  14. Hi Alexandr

    On the weekend I purchased the Magic Article Rewriter and the Submitter too. I rewrote an article and then used the Magic Article Submitter to create accounts and submitted my article in the spin format. I used the same url but different anchor text. The article was submitted on Saturday, today is Tuesday and I already have 27 published and over 100 waiting for review according to submitter, and my article has been downloaded 7 times, twice from the same directory.

    Wow! Talk about fast results, your programs are fantastic.

    I had been procrastinating about writing articles because of all the versions needed to be effective. Now I can write just one and then easily make all the versions I need.

    I also like the account creation and activation on the Magic Article Submitter, for me it saves my wrist form all that clicking.

    Thankyou so much for creating them both.


  15. Hi Alexandr
    I bought Magic Article Submitter and the only part I ca’nt work out how to work Is the part where you can send different article to each directory and spin + spin the Ressource box

    How do I do this


  16. It is very easy.

    You should use spun article by Magic Article Rewriter and put it into MAS article filds.

    The same is situation with Ressource box.

    If this answer is not clear for you could you please ask this question on my forum
    I will try to explain more.

  17. Even if I have run Activate Accounts several times 176 accounts still remain un-activated. Is that normal?
    Is there any way to activate these accounts?


  18. Hi Alexandr

    Thanks for some great tools. However, it seems that I some times get a lot of “Unable to create pen” errors. What could be the cause of this? I am guessing it’s something with the ressource box.


  19. >Thanks for some great tools. However, it seems that I some times get >a lot of “Unable to create pen” errors. What could be the cause of >this? I am guessing it’s something with the ressource box.

    You have to change your first or last name in profile because there is someone with the same author name as you.

  20. Georgina Elliott on October 18th, 2009 at 1:30 am

    Hello Alexandr,
    This product is wonderful!! Much success and good wishes to you! A product everyone wants but doesn’t really understand how to do!

    My question though is how do I access a video about how to use the Magic Article Rewriter?

  21. Hi Alex,

    Well i tried to update your Magic rewritter but after i uninstalled it and tried to run it it’s show a pop msg which goes some thing like this “This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify thatthis is a valid windows installer package”

    Please Help me with this.

    With your Magic submitter: I have sent you a message at support as i am unable to get sufficient backlinks NOW this could be for Two reasons either I have not installed your SW properly as i receive a POP MSG every 2mins stating some Microsoft.NET Framework Error.
    So how to deal with this situation ASAP.

    Look forward to receive an PM soon.


    contact your vendor as

  22. im also planning to purchase this amazing article submitter but the real issue here that wasn’t highlighted is the username and pasword creation.

    In order to get to 700 directories, the normal username and passwords requirements should be defined :

    username usually has 6 to 8 digits with alpha-numeric mix. u can create a unique username like “mike2350a”, “1234joe8″, etc.
    if you register a common username like john2009, it will be rejected if the username is already registered, the reason why not all are registered correctly.

    as for the password, make it unique and “human like” and not something we need a pen to remember to.

    we can create password like, also mix off alphabet and numeric.

    consider these factors and your registration rate will be higher.

    hope it helps.

  23. Hie!

    I’ve got 782 activated directories in my MAS. It’s much
    better, than I expected.

    It’s not all clear for me with the MAR.

    I don’t see the ways Magic option using, for example.
    I’d like to find some written instruction on article’s
    export into the Free Traffic System. My conversational
    English is poor and I could not conceive the idea of
    using Resource Box by the video.

    Where I could find this information, please?

    Much thanks.

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