The best method to rewrite article and submit it to 700 article directories in minutes

We have all heard of different methods, which can help you rewrite content very fast. Now, some of these are effective, others are not. However, what the modern marketer is looking for today is original, unique content.

Is it possible to get unlimited unique content? What is the best way to rewrite articles?

Yes, it’s quite possible and real! You can get unlimited articles rewritten in a matter of minutes with the simple click of a button, using a software called “Magic Article Rewriter”. It is new on the market and therefore not so expensive yet! You can have it for only $47!

What makes Magic Article Rewriter the best rewrite article tool on the market today?

Its user-friendly interface is one of the things. Another thing is the large thesaurus and the way that you can spin entire sentences and whole paragraphs. In addition, it gets smarter and smarter with every use and only sky is the limit when we talk about an elite marketing software, which if used properly, in several weeks will create content for at least 10 sites per day! And in several months will generate thousands and thousands of unique articles with the simple click of a button, called “Apply Magic”! Plus, for the ridiculous price of only $37, you get a Magic Tokens Database, which will save you a lot of time and efforts in exploring the maximal potential of the software, giving you 30% of the content automatically spun!

In addition, you can also get Magic Article Submitter, which is perfect for all your internet marketing needs and article directory submissions. It costs $57, but if you purchase it together with the Magic Article Rewriter, you will save $20 on both products!

So, basically this is the best method to rewrite article and submit it to hundreds of article directories in a matter of several minutes! This is a proven fact, which all people, who have used the software, claim to be reality in their work-life as article marketers!

So, don’t lose your time, but simply take the soft till its price is not lifted according to its qualities! The quantities are limited!

Rewrite Article With Magic Article Rewriter, Submit it With Magic Article Submitter and see the benefits growing every minute!

The best advice you will get today - start writing! First off, do your researches then do a little more, and then when you think you have everything you need, simply write your piece!

If you cannot be bothered to do all that work, of course, buy software that will effectively rewrite article after article for you! One such software is Magic Article Rewriter.

If your content is not original content, you will not get past the starting position, and will certainly get penalized.

We often hear that “but I do not know what to write about.”

Well, with Magic Article Rewriter, everything is automatically and you can rewrite article on virtually any topic you choose.

I will give you a few tips that you can use to start with the software:

1.     The more you rewrite, the smarter it gets! Yes, it remembers your writing efforts and with every article, they get less and less! That is a very good investment in the long term!

2.     Buy the Tokens Database! With the ready-written tokens database, you will be able to make at least 30% of the spun automated! When you proceed working on different articles, the percentage will increase and very soon, you will be able to create hundreds of articles from only one! Moreover, it costs only $37 and has a 90 days Money Back Guarantee, so you cannot lose anything!

3.     You can rewrite article on any niche and on any subject, so simply pick some of your best stuffs, and rewrite them! Then submit them to article directories with the power of Magic Article Submitter! This way, you will get the fastest results in terms of traffic to your website!

4.     Spin not only words, but also sentences and paragraphs and this way, you will get hundreds of articles from only one article!

5.     Never forget to proofread before publishing (Although I’m pretty sure that you will only have to edit several words in the article, so it will take less than 2 minutes!)

6.     Do not stop spreading your content more and more online! The bigger exposure your content gets, the bigger chances your visitors will buy your products or services!

7.     Never forget that content is king!

Magic Article Rewriter eliminates the hard work and gives best result in a matter of minutes!

Are you looking for ways of how to effectively multiply the number of articles to get more inbound links to your website and get your online exposure improved? In this article, I will discover the 4 simple things that Magic Article Rewriter will eliminate for you in the course of creating unique content:

1. Generally you have to about topics that are very familiar, right? Magic Article Rewriter will eliminate the need for expensive and time-consuming article rewrite. You can still choose the topics that are closely related to people’s hobbies, interests, experience, or professions and this will not only make your article writing easier and faster for you, but more importantly, you will enjoy your writing! However, with the help of Magic Article Rewriter, you can easily write an article on virtually any topic!

Selecting only particular topics - eliminated!

2. As you know, you always have to stick to “10 Tips” and “How To” formats, because these are the types of articles easier to write. You only need to outline your ideas and thoughts and collect them. However, do you know that the best traffic comes from general articles, because people are looking for real information, not only someone’s opinion? Writing general articles is time consuming and boring, thus you need to you a proper software to rewrite your article to cross over all that boring and ever-lasting hours you need to spend to compose a general article!

What does this mean? It means that Magic Article Rewriter eliminates all ineffective and boring formats and lets you rewrite article content in a way that will bring you loads of traffic!

3. Spending more time to write. If you want to increase the quantity of your sales, you must be willing to extend your working hours and you need to spend at least 2 additional hours per day writing articles that will produce you only 20 additional articles per week! With Magic Article Rewriter, you will save hundreds of hours and will obtain thousands of articles almost automatically!

Spending all that time needed to write and rewrite article in a unique way - eliminated!

4. Hiring Ghostwriters. If your schedule prevents you from writing more articles, you can hire Ghostwriters at any time, right? However, this strategy will cost you $ 5 - $ 12 per article, even if you own the copyright and get the benefits with your name under the article. With Magic Article Rewriter, you can spend only one hour per day and have a weekly output of articles!

Hiring ghostwriters, which is very expensive - eliminated!

So, don’t lose a minute anymore! Magic Article Rewriter will shorten all those months needed to create articles for your marketing campaigns and turn them into days, if not even hours!

Don’t waste your time! Create one thousand articles with a simple click of a button today!

As a freelance writer, some of my least favorite projects are those where the client wants me to rewrite an existing article. I have since learned “the truth about this type of statement, “It only involves a little editing, “which in fact means, “You’ll have to rewrite the whole article so that it makes sense”! My advice to you is, simply be independent! Have you ever tried to determine in advance how much “editing” you have to do? If you agree with that, then be prepared to initiate a waste of time in the never-ending “rewrite article” process, which will even not pay for itself, because after all you are not a machine!

Here you may ask, “How can I be independent, when I lose my entire time to write and rewrite article after article?”… and you will be right! But what if there was a real solution that can save you tons of time and give you hundreds of articles in a matter of minutes? Would you want to know what the alternatives in all this are? OK, I will tell you! The alternative is Magic Article Rewriter and costs only $47!

Yes, $47 will after that return you hundreds if not thousands in a matter of weeks or only several months! Not to mention that during that time, you won’t have to waste your days to rewrite article after article and article after article till you fade out!

What are the powerful features of Magic Article Rewriter?

The first is the user-friendly interface. You will be impressed, just as I was when I saw it and worked with it! The second great feature is that you have a large database of a thesaurus dictionary and at least 5-10 synonyms for every single word that you will put in the spinner! However, this is not the greatest feature yet!

The greatest feature is that you have to functions, called “Save Token” and “Apply Token”! This means that after you have created a certain combination of synonyms, you can save them into the database, and then with the click of a button, tokens will be applied automatically! This means that the more you work with the software, the more intelligent and effective it gets!

You think that this is the coolest feature? Oh, no… wait, there’s even much more!

You can not only spin words, sentences and whole paragraphs, but you can also purchase the special Magic Tokens Database, which has over 12000 word combinations and word phrases, formulated in a way that will give you at least 30% automatic spun of your article and the output will always have perfect sense! Not to mention that 30% spun is almost certainly to even pass the Copyscape test! This means that with the click of a button, you get unique, Copyscape passed content! Imagine if today you have the time to click that button 1000 times… you can get several thousand articles in one day only! Now, how do you see that? Can you see the unlimited potential that grows with every minute passed? If you do, then don’t waste your time anymore and order this amazing software today!

Why should you create unique article every time you submit content online?

Article rewriting is a skill that many think they possess, but only a few do. There are many reasons to create unique article and approaching that task. One of them is you will get the best methods to promote your business online. Let us look at some typical objectives people have when rewriting articles.

Create unique article and submit it to article directories

The popular software Magic Article Rewriter will always provide you a second version of any article, so that the search engines will receive a large quantity of articles instead of only one. This allows a version to be published on your website and the rewritten versions to be submitted to article directories. The purpose of doing this is to prevent competition with others using exactly the same keywords they do. That seems to have the clear purpose of writing an article on your own website and then submitting that article to the directories.

Then there is competition for keywords against potentially hundreds of other websites using their own paper. You can have your resource box in your site, where you can provide a valuable link, but this could be enough to offset the competition with everything that duplicate content can cause your site in the long term.

What you should do to avoid this is to offer an alternative version of your article to the directories. It should be given the same meaning as in the original article, but it should contain different semantics. The keyword density should be reasonable, at around 1%-2%, but the full text of the article must be relevant to the specific keywords. The rewrite should be different enough to be considered as unique, but not so different that does not adequately address the issue in the main subject of the article.

Using the same article in more than one Web page?

Exactly the same criteria should be used if you want to use the same article in a series of different web sites or pages that use the same keyword. Here, you are competing against yourself, if you publish the same piece of information and therefore article should be rewritten to stop this from happening. You have the same situation as above, except that you are of your own competition against yourself. Unless the article is radically rewritten, it will be again in danger of diluting a website with similar content. This is the most common reason for rewriting your article.

Why duplicate content is a website-killer? Create unique article, publish it, and see the results!

Article marketing is a proven method for building backlinks, increasing search engine rankings and attracting a steady stream of visitors. Most article writers write and then publish an article on their website or blog and post the same article to multiple directories.

Unless you rewrite your own article, you will be sooner or later penalized. Most professional writers rewrite their article several times before publication. You can create unique article as a form of advertising and multiply it into different versions for article directories and blog posts with the help of Magic Article Rewriter!

Writers who focus more on quantity rather than quality can create unique article of 300-500 words in 30 minutes and it will be published immediately. This can be good for blogs and some article directories do not check the quality of articles rewritten. However, they tend to require higher quality.

Five Reasons to rewrite your article:

1. Improving the quality of your content

When writing an article that it is best to simply write and think without having to correct what you reads. This method allows ideas to flow easily. After completing the article, you will sit for a while, review it, and then rewrite the article so that it is improved. It will greatly enhance the quality of the content.

2. Correcting grammar and spelling mistakes

It’s easy to overlook the grammar and spelling errors after the first draft of the article. If you let another pair of eyes to check, you will repeatedly find mistakes you missed. Rewrite to eliminate errors.

3. Creating some unique versions

If you send the same content throughout the web with the first filing, search engines will again index it. However, if you want for your content more exposure, you have to rewrite it to create unique article again and again. By presenting different versions to the top article directories, you do not need to worry about duplicate content. Each article will generate its own new flow of traffic.

4. Generating multiple streams of traffic

Each article rewritten generates a new stream of traffic. By rewriting original content, you make sure you can stand on that single article and send it to different publications.

5. Becoming a guest writer

Your article should be your best weapon in the internet business. It will be your final draft that has been rewritten several times. Contacting your editor to know what length you need and offering them exclusive rights to it, will guarantee that your article will not be published elsewhere. You will be often required to publish several pages in length. In that case, you have to send a package of several articles together.

Do not dismiss print publications like magazines or newspapers. Exposing your business to these will attract a wide audience, even though these visitors cannot spend time online.

How to create unique article the easy way? What are the alternatives?

To create unique article of 400 to 700 words you might take up to 2 and a half hours. By then you are mentally tired to quickly to write another, even if this is what you mostly love to do as a main income stream or as a hobby. When the first article is still fresh in your mind and you are full of ideas, you always try to write it as fast as you can, so that you can proceed to the next article, right? Now, there is a piece of software, which can help you create literary hundreds of versions of your article almost automatically! It is Magic Article Rewriter. The total time for you to create a spun article should not exceed more than a half hour. Now you can click a button and voila - you have hundreds of unique versions of your main article, which you can submit anywhere you want!

Search engines search only for content that is completely unique. For them that means only 20%-30% of the content may be duplicate. The first article should be submitted to let’s say your website. The other versions should be submitted to article directories to drive you traffic. Google and Yahoo will penalize those with duplicate content, because these are 2 companies that have a surprising amount of control over the Internet destinations in their hands.

The most qualified companies have programmed their system to be on alert for duplicate content. They want fresh ideas covered, and if you do not create unique article, they may even ban your account. That said you could see where the rewriting can be rewarding.

You may want to send your articles to another new directory for more exposure. If you put an exact copy of your original article on your personal website that will put you under close scrutiny for plagiarism and here you will face the penalty. In addition, any web site needs a lot of great content for your readers to enjoy and it must not be published elsewhere.

Magic Article Rewriter will help you save a lot of time, because you can generate countless new articles, create new websites on the fly and submit fresh content to all major article directories, in a matter of minutes!

The truth about backlinks building

Google always had been at the front position of developments in search engine set of rules. The most recent set of rules puts more emphasis on backlinks as not only amount, but more the backlinks as quality. Gone are the days when the allowed link farms and considerable reciprocal link structures provide immediate SEO results. Not only they will not help more, but also in most circumstances, they will be harmless. Notwithstanding, if you invest some time into it, creating even premium backlinks is not so hard.

How To Build Quality Backlinks?

There are varieties of fragments that will determine the eminence of backlinks to a website, and each can be affected in a certain way. For Google, the PR (PageRank) of the site networking to you is most important portion of the puzzle. Even though Yahoo and MSN don’t require an observable correspondent to PR, a website that links to it, sequentially obtains many backlinks with quality, is all the time worth more.

When searching for opportunities to create links do your best to build backlinks for PR higher than 4 or even more. Although not confirmed (Google does not typically provide this kind of information) it is believed that for every increasing of the value of PR Backlink, it assumes that all other things are not so important. Therefore, the PageRank is obviously the most important; however, it is of course not the whole story.

Having a high PR website will do all that for you. Besides your articles, search engines use the content of the pages networking to you to define what your site is about in reality. So do your best to classify appropriate, high PR sites to link your campaign properly.

The last piece of the puzzle is how you formulate your backlinks building. Search engines give more credibility to the links that descend within the main text and links that have evocative, keyword-rich anchor texts. Although they have considerable control over where and how other webmasters exchange their links, they can influence the way of providing the link code, when making sure your website is applicable to your visitors. Some of these facts may seem a bit confusing, but this is the reality and if you do not keep it, you are out of the game!

What is the best and fastest method to create unique article? How creating unique articles can help your online business?

An effective way to direct traffic and give credibility to an internet business is marketing with articles. In this article, we take a look at a marketing strategy that any Internet business may use to minimize the amount of time they spend and increase the positive results they are looking for.

Getting as many articles in the market as possible is the key to article marketing. Anyone who tries to make you think you can handle a large volume of traffic for only having a few posts each month in the line is not telling the truth.

There are people using article marketing to build their Internet business by hundreds of articles every month. For example, the most successful internet marketers publish at least 10 articles on Ezine articles every single day! You can do the calculations on this, but over time, this can mean thousands of articles in the largest article directory on the Internet.

An article marketing strategy that has been effective is to write, or hire someone to write fewer articles and use article-rewriting software to create unique article. For example, Magic Article Rewriter will provide you excellent rewriting services, with which you can create thousands of articles per month and the use of its program will create unique article much quickly than other article rewriters.

Then you can take your articles and publish them individually to the online article directories, using the Magic Article Submitter. The main benefit of using both softwares together is that that they create unique articles and publish them to article directories, instead of submitting only one article to hundreds or thousands of directories.

Since you can also build backlinks this would be achieved if each article were a “unique twin” of the previous one! I really like this strategy of article marketing. The main benefit to create unique article is that you will drive traffic to your website.

Another benefit of using Magic Article Rewriter to create unique article is generating unique resource box, which is very important. It does this by allowing you to create unique versions of the box, both the HTML and the plain text of the resource box.

The resource box may include different HTML keyword phrases with hyperlinks, allowing you to build backlinks to various words, which will give you a higher rank in the search engines.

The main thing your article marketing strategy should include is the volume of uniqueness, if you use software like this. Articles marked as the most elite online have bigger potential for you to get more traffic from them.

How to create unique article to make money? What are the options?

Making money with articles is only possible through several different techniques. I will mention a couple of techniques I use to make money with unique articles.

Ghostwriting service - It’s a simple service which consists of just writing a single page, but it’s very well-paid. Potential customers are always interested in samples and thus you can include a link to your biography and your picture in a popular article directory site. Then you have to include your price and payment information, as also several testimonials. After that, you have to start advertising your services online, let us say in Internet marketing forums and use the advantages of pay per click advertising. If you keep these simple rules, you will receive several requests for content on a daily basis. - This great service offers up to twenty dollars for the contents of the article only. The process is fairly simple. You just create articles on any topic you like, submit them and wait them to be revised. If they accept your content, they pay for your articles through PayPal. If you can continue offering the content they like, you can do a lot of money with AC!

Site Promotion - If you have your own a site established, or will build one, the article content is absolutely necessary. It is very important that the content through your website is unique and created only for yourself. Search engines love to see you create unique article and submit it and they will reward you for that! Furthermore, you can create unique article and publish it to article directories such as This will give you effectively operational backlinks! The more original content and links the search engines will find, the more traffic they will send to your website, the more money you will make.

Create unique article to sell your products - this is also a very effective way to make money online and you will get the benefits in very short terms, as long as you spread and spread and spread your content online!

So, follow these simple proven money making techniques and you will begin to reap the benefits of creating unique articles like those that already do it.