Magic Article Rewriter 1.8 Released!

Dear Valued Customer,

I would like to announce that new version of MAR 1.8.0 is ready.

There are many major changes in new version.

1.    General synonyms database was extended -it additionally  consist of good phrases (multi-words synonyms)
2.    New function Define Synonyms added –  click it to highlight multi-words synonyms
3.    Navigation between words using Tab and Shift+Tab keys or buttons added – you are able very quickly move between words in your article
4.    You have to use one mouse click instead of double-click to chose synonyms
5.    The synonyms had been chosen are highlighted in the list
6.    You are able unselect synonyms by mouse click
7.    Remove tokens function improved – hold Ctrl key to remove just one word from the token
8.    Clear tokens database and custom synonyms database function added
9.    Improved stop words list function – you can add phrases or sentences to stop word list
10.    Replace All, Add token, Use Token functionality added to Spin Sentence mode
11.    spun % calculation changed to make MAR spun% comparable with other products – as result it shows more spun percent. What was %13 in old version will be e.g 25% in new one
12.    Two mode of Apply Magic function – more or less accurate but high spun %
13.     Templates function added – it is very useful function for creating product’s reviews etc
14.    Auto cleaning of spun articles from wrong tags combination like {|, }|, ||

Please watch this video for details

Minor Updates

1.8.1  Bugfix of adding custom synonynms

1.8.2 Import Customs synonyms speed increased


1. Skip original word function added on synonyms window

Possibility to say (with a checkbox you can select), that the original word should not be includet in the spun version. So for example if you spinn the word

“great” the MagicArticleRewriter would spinn the word but remove the word itself automaticly.

so it would not be {great|fantastic|wonderfull|

super} but {fantastic|wonderfull|super}

This would make PLR articles much more unique!

2. Click Ctrl key on synonyms window to use Replace All function

3. When you use Replace all function MAR keeps the last selected token higlighted


1. Combine function add empty lines between paragraphs.

2.New function empty line added

For Example you have a Text like:

This is sentence 1. This is sentence 2. This is sentence 3. This is sentence 4. This is sentence 5. This is sentence 6. This is sentence 7.

and you spun it like this:

This is sentence 1. This is sentence 2. {This is sentence 3.|%%%}This is sentence 4. This is sentence 5. {This is sentence 6.|%%%}This is sentence 7.

%%% - tags will be replaced by Enter  symbol
This would produce variations like:

This is sentence 1. This is sentence 2.
This is sentence 4. This is sentence 5. This is sentence 6. This is sentence 7.


This is sentence 1. This is sentence 2. This is sentence 3. This is sentence 4. This is sentence 5.
This is sentence 7.


This is sentence 1. This is sentence 2.
This is sentence 4. This is sentence 5.
This is sentence 7.

and so on.

So the google bot will see that the articles have not only other words but also different number of sentences and other textformat and so the chance that they index the spunn articles is much much higher!

Please download fresh version using the same download link

The most effective backlinks building techniques that work with guaranteed success

Even if a blog is an additional part of a website, sometimes it is not enough time to build backlinks, so it is good to know that there is an automatic way to address this issue.

In this article, I will present 5 backlinks building techniques that I used successfully:

1. Article Writing.

Article marketing is the same type of task as blogging and therefore it fits so well for the blogger. Articles will return backlinks, when they are mass distributed to hundreds or thousands of websites and article directories.

The keywords play a very important role, because readers will take the articles directory by keyword, so in order to create a reliable source traffic from them, you have to know how to apply keywords in your article.

The mass distribution of an article brings visitors and builds backlinks, but no high rank will be generated in search engines due to duplicate content issue. That’s why you need an article rewriter to make you hundreds of unique articles!

2. Interlink exchanges.

A blogger can get reciprocal links for the blog, with the help of software, which can lead to thousands of links very quickly. The problem is that link building takes time and search engines can see these links as a “link farm”, which will lead to sanctions.

Another way is to join a link exchange program or to request link exchange manually from a webmaster. These two forms are very slow and will take time before the number of links is large enough.

3. Joining groups related to your content.

Major search engines have very different groups of thinkers. That is a good source of traffic but the requirements for participation depend on the blogger. It is important to note that membership of a group is simply a technique, but what really matters is the useful, quality content.

4. The quality is king.

The best backlinks come from the quality of content. When blog content is constantly at a high level, blog readers want to visit repeatedly, which means many visitors and a regular traffic. This also means that some readers will want to quote the posts, which has a lifting effect to the image of the blog and the blog owner.

The original content will always avoid penalties in the search engines!

5. Forum posting

A related discussion in a forum is a great source of backlinks. The forum links work in two ways: every post creates a backlink if the blog UR, and forum members can link to the blog as well. It is important to note that all messages in the forum must maintain credibility and image of what you write articles about. Each message in the forum can be optimized and the search engines will eventually notice that, which means a little more traffic.

Backlinks building is not as easy as it sounds!

Building backlinks is largely crucial for the page rankings and therefore it is an important step in search engine optimization. For those who do not know what a Backlink is - Backlinks are incoming links to a web site from other similar sites virtually interconnected with each other through Internet browsing. This way a website can easily navigate back and forth between similar web pages, just after entering / outgoing links. That’s all backlinks building is in a few words!

What are the methods to build quality backlinks?

There are many ways to build backlinks; the most prominent and effective are directory submissions, article submissions, and participating in blogs and forums.

Beginning with directory submissions, it is advisable to publish your web pages in the popular search engines such as MSN, Dmoz and Yahoo, because they are eager to accept the submissions of websites containing relevant information, which comply with the rules and regulations of the respective directories. The final call in a submission is acceptance or rejection - is usually decided by editors and they will not accept anything that is even remotely junk or irrelevant to the topic or category!

Writing articles is another way to boost backlinks to your website, provided that the article contains useful information that gets past the editor’s desk!

Blogs and forums also serve similar purpose, but due to the fact that public participation is very high in these fields, inappropriate activates may lead to the bad image of creating a fertile ground for increasing spam linking. Therefore, this is important for gathering quality results from blogs and forums. One needs to participate in a constructive debate and not to hesitate to reject the backlinks pointing to a paucity of content in articles and less classified websites.

Backlinks building is never easy if you are a newbie or simply do not know what you are doing! It is actually a kind of a math game - you have to calculate the most appropriate alternatives for creating backlinks and exchanging traffic, otherwise, you’ll be simply out of the game in no time and that’s not what you want, right? Therefore, do it rationally, keep the rules and you will get the benefits!

Backlinks Building is a crucial factor for a website to increase its popularity among search engines

Google is the first search engine to link to the websites with the estimation of a vote rate. The links must also be relevant to the content of the website. The popularity of a site by another name as “Page Rank,” decides the quantity and quality of backlinks. The keywords used in the hyperlinks (anchor text) are crucial to determine the position of a website in the SERP in addition to page optimization.

The important question now before us is how to build backlinks. Do not think of participating in “link farms” to rebuild links! This is a black hat technique, created solely for the purpose of building backlinks for spam blogs and websites.

So what is next? It’s the reciprocal link. The backlinks received from other sites should be relevant to your content. Besides this, there is no guarantee that they will keep your links.

Google and other search engines like the so-called ‘natural links’ sites. The content has to be relevant to the “keyword search.”

The big question before us now is how to gain natural links? Websites that link to us if we have quality content appear on our website. This is called link exchange technique. Distributing your content in the form of an article, the best places to submit your articles are Share This, GoArticles, ISNAR, Ezine Articles and others.

Apart from the directory “backlinks building” another technique to build quality backlinks, is DMOZ. You can for example submit your website for “social bookmarks like Digg, Furl,, searchles, etc. Therefore, there are many ways to get people to notice your site without paying anything.

Craigslist for instance, is a free classifieds service, where you can submit your site and reap all the benefits in literary no time. Participating in “Google Groups” and “Yahoo Answers,” trying to help people rather than indulging yourself in a shameless self-promotion, will help you a lot!

You can also create pages in “Wikipedia”. Using this technique with caution, not to introduce methods of promotion, providing good, valuable information, will prevent your page a deletion from Wikipedia. Do not let people know that you are promoting your site through “Wikipedia”! Also, make use of and; create a resource of good, unique content and link to your site - you will see the results!

Backlinks Building in details

Blogs - One of the best ways of creating links in a way so that your site is through the publication of comments on blogs. Simply add the URL of your site by posting comments on blogs and soon you will build a number of many good one-way links to your site.

Forums - Posting in forums is also a great way to build backlinks. However, do not post your URL directly into the discussion forums or the spam busters would take you banned and removed from the forum. The best way is through your signature. Include the URL of your site in your signature and then when posting a comment in the forum you are leaving a link to your site along with your post.

Social Networks - From the evolution of Web 2.0, social networking sites like MySpace, Friendster, Tag World, etc. … are the hot spots of the Internet today. Millions of people visit these sites daily to make friends or to promote their products or services. You may also register on those sites and post links to your site along with the comments you make in your friend’s profile. This way you can create a large number of backlinks for your site.

Social Bookmarks - Social bookmarking is another area where you can create a technique to link to your site. Just bookmark sites like Delicious and if your site is interesting enough, others will add your site to their list of favorite sites, and soon you will meet a large number of one-way links to your site.

Articles-You can write articles on various topics and publish them on article sites, and include the URL of your site in the resource box or the biographical section of the author. There are many directories publishing articles from various authors, along with information that provides biographical facts about the author. Such info may contain a link to your site. If your article is informative and intriguing, soon it will be published on many other sites and newsletters. This way you will have a large number of backlinks pointing to your site.

Link Exchange - Although it is a very old method for building traffic and backlinks, link exchange still works. Link exchange with quality and relevant sites and you will get a higher ranking and more traffic.

Once you learn it, it’s simple as 1, 2, 3…

Using Magic Article Submitter Step-By-Step

Writing and submitting articles is a popular way to promote a website. However, it can take a long time, so that the use of article submitter and article rewriter to automate the process is the biggest key in this process. Magic Article Submitter is a piece of software that is available for download at any time on its official website, for the small price of $57!

Magic Article Submitter comes with its own Windows installer, which makes the installation process trouble-free. One of the best features is that it installs a shortcut in the Startup folder and starts each time Windows starts, but if you are not comfortable with that, you can modify the settings at any time, plus the shortcut is easy to move to a regular place in the Programs menu.

When the program starts for the first time, you begin to fill your personal information. Only the user info and a resource box is enabled at the first step and when you start submitting articles to various sites, you don’t have to fill or change the information each time. The resource box is practically limited in size, between 25 and 75 words.

After that, you have to add your article in the text boxes for title, article text, and keywords. However, no advanced features of word processing is available here and no spelling checker, because these are available in Magic Article Rewriter.

Then you click “Next” and the article submitter gets you to a page, where in front of your eyes, your article is automatically submitted to 700 and even more article directories, in less than 10 minutes! The program has a function to update the list of sites and if now they are 700, soon they will become over a thousand! You can also add sites to the list manually.

After submitting to all these article directories, Magic Article Submission will show you a report for your submission! And here comes the real part! If you are curious about the effectivity of the software, you can simply go to those article directories that publish articles without editorial review and you may be even amazed to see that your unique is already published and maybe even had several visitors in a matter of minutes! Therefore, generating traffic with Magic Article Submitter is almost instant and 100% guaranteed to give you the best results!

The powerful combination of Magic Article Rewriter and Magic Article Submitter

In the contemporary internet marketing, each marketer is responsible for creating unique articles. Creating articles does the job, but it is tedious and time consuming. Here Magic Article Rewriter will be very useful for every article marketer!

However, an article submitter speeds up the data entry, required for your articles to be published online. Why is this important? It is generally accepted that to be a successful, an article writer must publish between 20 and 30 articles per week to hundreds of article sites. Doing this by hand is simply not possible, right? Looking at the statistics of authors from around the world, you will see that successful authors have submitted hundreds, even thousands of articles. They are doing amazing monthly income. But have you ever asked yourself how do they do it?

There are many software programs presented in the article submitter market today and many of them are truly effective, but have some bad features, such as a trial, which expires in several days, limited options, limited number of article directories, etc…

They vary in features, ease of use and cost. Most offer a free download for trial use. And as we said these may be even fully operational, but some limit the number of days the program can be used and limit the size of the directory database.

According to you, are these software programs good enough for a serious online business?

Of course, your answer will be “No” and you will be right! Then, what’s the solution? Is there a software, which can do all these things unlimitedly and even much, much better?

Fortunately, yes! And it’s called Magic Article Submitter! It will not only submit your articles to at least 700 article directories, but it will also never expire and for the small fee of $57, you get it for life!

Now, that’s what I call “the best deal of the year”! And maybe not only the year, because once you purchase you keep it for life and you will never have to pay for it again! No monthly subscriptions, no additional or hidden fees! Everything you need in an article submitter, collected in one simple piece of software, created with the purpose to make your online business a real pleasure for you! And this software is Magic Article Submitter!

The cool features of Magic Article Submitter

The slogan “work smarter, not harder” really applies to writing and presenting your business online!

Ezine articles are without doubt one of the best ways to drive traffic to your affiliate site and increase your SEO, right? But do you know that if you miss the other directories, soon your business will capitulate?

Whether making a presentation manually or with a submitter of the article, the basic elements remain unchanged. Before submitting an article for a site, you must register, right? This procedure is usually completing a form online and receiving a confirmation to your e-mail. Now with Magic Article Submitter, it is turned into a simple click of several buttons and everything’s done! You are registered user of over 700 article directories and now you are ready to click the Submit button!

What it does next is automating virtually all article submissions. If you are not familiar with article marketing, this is simply posting articles on websites in order to get traffic. So, let’s get back to the main topic - Magic Article Submitter will store your login information for each site, and you’re connected in the articles directories and logged in at any time. The user interface is so easy to use and it’s excellent for getting a lot of traffic for free.

Normally, the submission process to 700 article sites would take forever, but with Magic Article Submitter, you can easily automate the process, giving tons of free traffic for literary no efforts. In the beginning, I published a couple of different articles and traffic increased more than 50% in a matter of few days!

So, here is what you have to do to use the software successfully:

First, you need to add articles by clicking the “Add Article” button. This is quick and easy to do every time you have a new article.

After that, simply click the button “Submit”!

And finally the submission process is started! Every time you breathe in and out, your article gets submitted to at least 10 article directories with the help of Magic Article Submitter!

The best article submitter software on the earth at the most affordable price!

Do you want to have the privilege of owning the best article submitter on the market today? Then you will be very happy with Magic Article Submitter. Let me give you an example from my personal experience - currently I am using it regularly and save me a lot of work. No difficulties, using the software - it’s simply perfect! You have just awesome user-friendly interface, combined with automatic registration to over 700 article directories in under 5 minutes! Once you decide to submit your article, it takes you only about 10 minutes to submit it to at least 400 directories! Some of them approve your article instantly and you start getting traffic on the very moment!

Not to mention that if you decide to do this manually, it will take you days or even a whole week to complete it! Can you imagine? 7 days shortened into 10 minutes with this powerful software! And yes, this is reality, which costs a little over 5o bucks!

There are currently over 7oo article directories and as mentioned above it is completely automated!

You can also add your own favorite sites to submit to those, which are not in the sender. What I like best is that all sites are on hand in one unit. There are endless mouse-click returns and load of traffic to your website. The most time consuming part of using Magic Article Submitter is to simply start the application. Yes, from there everything is even faster than the very start of the application! To learn how to use it is not complicated as well and the manual is easy to understand.

The only thing you have to do is simply verify that the form is filled out correctly and click submit. After that, you see something amazing happening in front of your eyes! Your article is submitted to at least 400 directories in the ridiculous 10 minutes!

You wake up on the other morning, type the title of your article in Google and see it indexed in at least 50 article directories… Now, isn’t that worth the ridiculous price of $57 bucks? You will use it for life!

Now You Can Drive Insane traffic to your site using the Magic Article Submitter!

Let me start with the truth - everything happens on autopilot!

I was really astonished when…

… Finally, I stopped adding up all the cash I had been paying on promoting my site. 50 bucks here, 100 there, pretty quickly it had converted into a considerable amount of cash and I did not see much in return. Above all that, I could not even dare to think of the Google and Yahoo ads… That is why I bought Magic Article Submitter!

You see, just as you I also had read all the online advertising “how to” books, and I was convinced that I will invest cash to make earnings. Those paper works told me I had to purchase advertisements on major search engines, pay for e-mail lists, and waste money to insert commercials into the e-zines. Therefore, I was on the same wavelength to the links of the programs that have been suggested and I spent and spent and spent money on products that were not effective.

I did the whole thing the “gurus” said I had to do and ended up wasting more than what I was earning. Then to be honest I felt cheated!

I was really frustrated being lied, stolen, and plainly been taken benefits of, by the blood drinking MLM, and owners of Internet marketing programs that were not effective at all!

Magic Article Submitter is the fastest and easiest way to get your articles published on hundreds of article directories without spending hours on manual labor to do it!

Use Magic Article Submitter and your articles will establish you as an expert in your particular area.

Use Magic Article Submitter and your articles will make more sales.

Use Magic Article Submitter and your articles will generate more traffic.

Use Magic Article Submitter and your articles will increase your Google Page Rank.

Use Magic Article Submitter and your articles will increase the number of your Alexa ranks.

If you’ve always wanted to be able to quit your day job and break into the world of Internet Marketing “Magic Article Submitter” is a great way to go!

So, recently I encountered what I am now considering my holy grail for traffic. It is simply called “Magic Article Submitter.” Do you want to have the success I have? Then, simply go to the official page of the product and buy till the price is only $57! Who knows when it may become $570? And it will worth the money again, I’m telling you! Did I mention that for the total sum of $80 right now you can get it, along with the best article rewrite software on the market? Yes, it’s called Magic Article Rewriter and normally costs $47, but if you decide to take them both, you save $80! Now, that’s what I call a “feel bad for life” if you miss this offer!!!