Why you must have Magic Article Rewriter? Is it really the most effective article spinner today?

Are you tired of spending hours researching and writing articles? Is it necessary to create endless unique articles quickly? This article spinner software solves the problem for you.
What you can do is buy that article spinner software that will create these articles for you. This article spinner is the best article-marketing tool.

It will do everything for you and all you have to do is putting your voice in it. This completely new software revolutionizes the whole business of creating articles. This article spinner software makes it incredibly easy to create high quality articles on virtually any topic in minutes.

The biggest advantage is that you wimple download this article spinner, which may also completely automate the article writing process, if used with the tokens database. With Magic Article Rewriter, unique content is easy. This software will reduce the research time and efforts at least 1000%.

This should be your first choice, if you want to make your writing automated and faster than ever before! I am using it from about 2 months now and I can tell you that this article spinner is the best tool I have ever seen!

With it, you can create articles quickly, even with little knowledge of the subject. This article spinner will has a special list, in which you can put all your keywords that you do not want rewritten!

This small, clean piece of software is for people who want a quick and easy way to create articles.
Probably you have used different article spinners, but with no effects, right? Yes, the majority of article spinners on the market are just inefficient! However, Magic Article Rewriter is not in their group! It is really the only effective article-spinning tool on the market today!

If you use it in combination with the Magic Tokens Database and the Magic Article Submitter, you will have each and every article automatically spun to at least 30% and submitted to at least 300 article directories in under 10 minutes! This means that on the very next day, you will have a real flow of traffic to your website!

Why webmasters are getting literary crazy about Magic Article Rewriter and Submitter?

Frequently asked questions answered:

We all know that the Internet grows in size every minute, while thousands of pages of content are being displayed every second. Where is all that coming from? No doubt, there is a multitude of sources, but a practice that is common now in the search for website content is using article spinner software!

A good content spinner will not only rewrite your articles! It will actually make them written with perfect sense! There are a number of reasons why that has become so popular among webmasters:

- Magic Article Rewriter allows the article to be produced more quickly. Taking an article that already exists, and creating a new wording, which appears to be a different article certainly can be done much faster with an article spinner than researching and writing an article from scratch, because in the race for the content on the Web, usually for profit, time is literally money.

- Magic Article Submitter lets articles to be published extremely fast! Your articles will be exposed on at least 400 article directories in less than 10 minutes!

- You can save money, buying the two software products for only $80, plus instead of buying an original content or researching and re-writing an article, which takes a lot of time, you simply prepare your article, press a button and voila - you have a spun article from which you will now generate hundreds!

- The different versions of an article may be used for various purposes, because they are written with perfect sense and ready to be published anywhere - on your website, blog or any article directory!

Will you have to rewrite or submit articles manually again?

Absolutely Not! With Magic Article Rewriter and Submitter (of course if you also use the tokens database), you will be able to rewrite your article with the click of a button and publish it in the directories with another click of a button! Yes, it’s that simple!

Therefore, for conclusion, if you have one article and you are looking to use its different versions for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and article directories, then you may consider using the software.

What makes Magic Article Rewriter and Submitter, along with the Tokens Database so easy to use? Why is this the best article spinner on the market today?

A completely new article marketing strategy is created nowadays, thanks to the article spinner software, created by the stuff of Magic Article Rewriter! It’s a total revolution in the world of unique content!
One of the vendors of this software says that this was his article-marketing dream, and now the dream is fulfilled! Yes, believe it or not, once you purchase Magic Article Rewriter and Submitter, along with the Tokens Database, you will have in your hands the most powerful article spinner in the whole wide world!

It’s not a fiction! Many article spinning software programs are trying to imitate Magic Article Rewriter in some way, but their functionality is so poor and it’s such a bad imitation that I can only be really sad that so many people think such software programs with do any rewriting work for them at all!
In fact, some of these software programs will soon conveniently lose even their positions in the search engines! Nothing lacks from magic Article Rewriter - everything that you need to create literary tons of unique content, written with perfect sense is implemented into this article spinner!

You have a large synonym thesaurus, you have a function to add as much synonyms as you want to any word in your article; you have the ability to spin whole sentences and even whole paragraphs. You also have the ability the save all your writing efforts with a click of a button and never repeat the efforts that you have put into article rewriting, using the functions “Save Token” and “Apply Token”. When you hit the magic button, you will generate a completely perfect, spun article for your article marketing needs, which can be then easily turned into 100 new versions if you wish!

Moreover, at the very beginning of using the article spinner, you will have the opportunity to start with each article at least 30% spun! This is with the help of the Magic Tokens Database, which can be purchased for only $37 now (some time ago, it was $57, so now you save $20)!

Also… if you decide to buy the Magic Article Rewriter, along with the Magic Article Submitter, you will save $20 again, because purchased together, they come at a discounted price!

What does this all mean? It means that the entire package of these 3 powerful tools costs $157 and now you can purchase it for only $117! You save $40 totally and from my personal experience with the software, I can guarantee you that this money will pay back in only one week after using the software, if you are serious enough to promote your content and business online!

Today is the day when you will stop writing articles and get tons of endless unique content and loads of traffic to your website for life, for only $117!

The popularity of writing articles on the market for anything and everything online has never been greater - and shows no signs of slowing in the short term.
While some writers literary drop down on their desks from writing, there are also smart people, who do not throw their caution to the wind! So, the explosion of their articles to hundreds of article directories and is made easier with the help of article spinner software. The best article spinner on the earth is semi-automatic and grows smarter with every single usage and effort you put in it! Yes, it’s called Magic Article Rewriter and costs only $47!
As article marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), experts debate the merits of article spinning, because webmasters continue to collect duplicate articles and content for usage on their sites, but since it is not unique, this may lead to saturation in the Search Engine Rankings, and many websites may be penalized, thus the business will lose millions!

These free reprint articles give webmasters the opportunity to keep their sites fresh and to offer its visitors quality content, but if they are not unique, sooner or later this will affect the whole business!

However, article writing and rewriting is very time-consuming and very expensive! So, what is the possible solution to that? The solution is only one and it’s called Magic Article Rewriter! With the help of that marvelous software, you will be able to generate fresh content for your websites, for directory submissions and blog posts in a matter of minutes! One article produces at least 100 variations and then each of these variations can be used to generate another 100 unique articles! Can you imagine the potential?

The good news is that if 100 articles are not enough for you, you can create 1000 if you wish, or even more! All articles will be completely unique, if you know how to combine the powerful features of the greatest article spinner today - Magic Article Rewriter!

For the ridiculous price of $47, you get a piece of software, which you can use for life, without any restrictions and now hear the good news - If you purchase the software, along with the Magic Tokens Database, you won’t need to write a single article any more in your life!!! The Tokens Database makes your article at least 30% spun, which is completely enough to pass even Copyscape, which is the most valuable duplicate content checker and detector today! Moreover, if you decide to add to this collection the Magic Article Submitter, you will not only save $20, but you are also guaranteed to have a flow of traffic to your website literary the same day you publish your articles online! For more information, please visit the official website of the products!

The most powerful features of the best article spinner on the market - Magic Article Rewriter

Article marketing involves much research of keywords, writing the article, checking keyword density, and more. Would not it be great if there were an article spinner program that would do whatever it takes you to conduct great article marketing?

We have all seen the ads of many different writers for their fantasy article spinners. Many people have used a word processing program like Word or Notepad to write articles, but most of us have at least the temptation to check out some of the websites and ask if they are fact or fiction.
Affiliate marketing is one of many ways to use for writing articles to make money online. It can be fun and profitable way to make money. Whether a fact or fiction, there is a great article spinner for anyone, who wants to write articles to make money online… it is Magic Article Rewriter.
I think all we are looking for article spinner software that has many features and can help anyone with their article marketing campaigns. This program should be a complete editing system, and incorporate even more, right?

One of the main things to look for in the modern age of Internet is the ability of an article spinner to create hundreds of article from one! Here the good news is that when you simply prepare your article for spinning, with the simple click of a button, you will automatically get hundreds of articles!

When you write, you can view your word count in real time to make sure that your writings are the exact length you want. It is also capable of checking the density of your keywords in real time to make sure that the article is fully optimized for the Web. Also available is a spell checker and thesaurus for your editing needs. Magic Article Rewriter has the ability to rotate the articles with a click of a button. This means you can write one article and turn it into hundreds or even thousands of articles for your marketing campaigns!

This way, you will never worry anymore for unique content, because this article spinner will provide you tons of unique articles in seconds!

The practical usage of Magic Article Rewriter

Magic Article Rewriter will help you rewrite your content with a simple click of a button! What you need to know about content rewriting is that it actually includes a preparation process, writing of a scratch, creating a spun version of the article (which takes between 10 and 15 minutes per article, and if you use the tokens database, this time will be only 5 minutes), and spinning it into different variations and unique versions! Something, which is very important in article marketing business, is that articles need to make the reader want to click on the link at the bottom of the article, usually placed in the resource box.

So what we’re looking for here is creating articles that have the highest click through rates, the percentage of those that people started to read and finally clicked on the link at the bottom. Magic Article Rewriter will create content full of sense, which will also be human readable!

It will create articles that have the greatest success in readers’ click through rate conversion. Moreover,. this way we will find out why and how the article is more successful and will use it to create more articles or for submissions to article directories.

For an article, which already has very high click through rate, all we have to do is increase the number of points of view and we have a piece of writing even greater than the one that we would have had, if we wrote a completely new article. Here the article rewriter will save you tons of time, because it’s extremely easy to use!

So how do we do all these things with the help of Magic Article Rewriter?

First, we need to go to the Google keyword tool. Now, we should select the main keywords of the article that we want to write. We have to study the list of keywords and the number of searches for each keyword that appear on the list.

Google will give a list of keywords, which are very identical to what you searched, and the number of people looking for each of those keywords.

You may see that the keyword toll will provide you a lot more keywords than you plan to use in your article. So, while you are looking for the appropriate keywords, you may also obtain new ideas about the keyword structure of your article! After we have found our keywords, it’s time to write the article! After we write the article (of course we may use already written article as well, as long as we don’t plagiarize), we have to put it inside the article rewriter! We have to rewrite the article keeping our main keywords in the list of words that should not be rewritten.

If we use the tokens database, it will be much easier, but even if we decide to do it on our own, we will have great results as well! The biggest advantage is that after we spin the sentences of the article and their words, we may generate literary hundreds, if not thousands of articles, which will have the same meaning like the first one, but will be completely unique as content! So, now we have let’s say 50 search engine optimized articles that are very unlikely to encounter on any other people’s websites.

The advantages of using Magic Article Rewriter

To be successful in web publishing, you must be subscribed to the “content is king” theory. Content is what feeds the search engines and attract visitors to your website. Webmasters and many beginners fail in content creation, because they don’t like to write.

Creation of lots of content at the speed of lightning can be achieved by “borrowing” content from other people or by using an article rewriter. It is a myth that search engines only rank sites with original content - this is simply not true. But what is true is that unique content and only unique content will lead you at the Top 10 results on the first page!

What is unique content and why do you need article rewriter?

Magic Article Rewriter is produced with the intention to facilitate your work online! If content is not unique, search engines won’t index it well enough!

However, RSS technology provides an easy way for webmasters to syndicate content from other websites. But is it enough?

You can grab YouTube videos, news for Yahoo, eBay Auction Items, photos from Flickr, and Amazon products, and make all syndicated on your website, offering a wealth of information and value for your visitors, and thus appearing “unique” to search engines. But is it true? In fact, not! You will get penalized even that way!

What are the additional bonuses of Magic Article Rewriter?

In fact, the additional bonus is that all material is aimed squarely at the niche that addresses what the content is relevant to what your visitors are looking for, because Magic Article Rewriter generates hundreds of unique articles, which are unique, but have the same meaning!

In fact Magic Article Rewriter will do everything for you, if you also use the tokens database!

The best feature of the tokens database is that it automatically generates fresh content from your main article. You simply install it once, and then you can use it with the click of a button. It is highly recommended that you take also the Magic Article Submitter, which will let you take advantage of the whole package! Remember, “Content is king” and Magic Article Rewriter is easy and affordable solution to any problem of webmaster content.

Is that all? Only an article rewriter?

As we mentioned, apart from Magic Article Rewriter, we also have other webmaster tools available, such as Magic Article Submitter and the Magic Tokens Database. We definitely want to provide you only the most quality products that will help you make more money online.

How to get the most of your article rewriter software? Relation between article rewriting and applying of proper keywords

Let’s start simply - How can we take this article and get 5-10 times more of it?

Most of us are out there writing new stuff like crazy. It is likely that you are leaving the greatest opportunity to grow your business through article marketing just standing right on the table and doing nothing.

Use an article rewriter to obtain the best results. You will find that some articles have been read more than others. And also find that some have WAY more clicks than others.

Ever wondered why there are articles that stand out above the others and how can you make your articles do the same thing?

There are plenty of things to learn from this. The answer is pretty simple - the articles, which are more popular, have their “unique twins” somewhere in the directory, in other article directories or websites!

We guarantee you that by using Magic Article Rewriter you will be able to get even better results, as you can create not only 5 or 10 articles from one, but you can generate literary hundreds of articles for your marketing campaigns!

Enjoy the articles already written with the article rewriter and see them give you more traffic than ever and you will simply forget about writing new articles, which don’t give such good results!

Why there are articles that have more readings than others. Well, there are two reasons why these are getting better results. One is that a better title is grabbing more people and attracting more people (learn it now to apply to your new articles). And the reason number 2 is that it is likely that this has drawn the attention of a search engine.

There are actually two levels of “capturing the attention of search engines.” The first is whether you’ve actually gotten the search engine position outside the e-zines. That will bring more traffic. And the other is that it is actually much easier to get the Google ad in search e-zines so your article listing is at the beginning of a specific search word when people are looking for keywords inside the e-zine.

Discover how search words are working and how they work for your article. It is likely that the keyword is in the title, and used at least 3-4 times in the body. Also pay attention to that specific keyword, and make sure that it is probably also the most searched keywords among all others.

Get the most of your online business! The article rewriter and submitter, which are a “must have” in any internet marketer’s collection!

When you have written an article and you have spent a lot of time on writing it, it is wise to get the most out of your efforts, right? How would that happen? It will happen simply by using an effective article rewriter! You may have the inclination to send your article to different directories, but here is the thing:

The duplicate content floating around in cyberspace is not going to get where you want to go, so you must be SEO-wise! You need original content for your site and for the article directories, but it can take you tons of time to create it! The solution is Magic Article Rewriter and Submitter, which will automate the process for you at the max possible speed you can imagine!

How much does the package cost?

The package costs $80, if you decide to buy both softwares at once and that way, you will even save $20! If you want to get into the kitchen of article rewriting and to get into the real business online, you simply need that software! It is a total “must have” product, because there is no other software on the net, which gives such results!

Moreover, if you buy the Magic Tokens Database (worth of $37), you will start observing results the very first day you decide to use the softwares! Your articles will be automatically rewritten with a click of a button, named “Apply Magic” inside the interface of Magic Article Rewriter and in only several minutes, you will have them submitted to at least 300-400 article directories with the help of Magic Article Submitter!

And still that’s not everything! By purchasing this software package, you will get 5 huge bonuses FOR FREE:

-27 000 PLR Articles (for more than 800 niches)

-Bum Article Super Glue Report (How To Make Your Articles And Ads Stick To Google Like Super Glue! Tired Of Your Listings Being Dropped By Google After Just A Few Days? It’s Time To Strike Back!)

-a great Keywords Killer List (”How To Make A Killer List Of Thematically Related Keywords for FREE!”)

-an Affiliate Marketing Handbook (How To Become A Super Affiliate In Niche Markets)

-and The 48 Hour Affiliate Action Plan (Set Up Your Affiliate Business in 48 Hours)!

A real revolution in article marketing is coming… get ready to take the benefits!

Article marketers, we are facing a revolution in our article rewriting business! Getting our articles rewritten has never been easier than it is now! With the power of Magic Article Rewriter now, you can enjoy watching your article rewritten hundreds of times with the single click of a button! Yes, it provides so many variations of your article that the output will be thousands of articles from a single one! All they will be great for submission in article directories, which will pick up your articles as pancakes. Moreover, each of these articles will form additional hundreds of articles for your website content and extra-submissions to article directories! Magic Article Rewriter will always make sure your articles are sufficiently different from those you have already uploaded to your website or submitted on Ezine Articles and other directories.

I know what you are thinking right now … If I have the same article distributed to different directories wouldn’t that be considered as duplicate content? Well, it will not, because this article rewriter will provide content that is always unique and has perfect sense!

You should not worry about that because with every article unique, you will get even bigger profits submitting to as many article directories as you can! Here I have to present you another great tool, which can also help bring traffic to your website for a very long term -Magic Article Submitter.

The biggest article directories will accept your content in a matter of minutes with that powerful tool. So, you simply have to keep writing articles and submitting in order to get backlinks to your site, as also widely distributed traffic. Moreover, if done well, people can read your articles, regardless of where they are published, and if they are intelligent, they will want to visit your website and read your articles again and again!

How to obtain the most of Magic Article Rewriter and Submitter?

It is simple as 1, 2, 3… Just don’t lose your time and purchase the package today for only $80(saving you $20), along with the Magic Tokens Database, which costs only $37 additional money spent (however you again save $20, because the previous price of the tokens was $57)!

So, don’t wait another second, but order these amazing tools today!