Magic Article Submitter Review

And I am here to show you my new software,  Magic Article Submitter

The program is very powerful, and very easy to work with.
After completing 5 easy steps, you will have submitted a unique article to around 700 article directories, and created a huge number of backlinks .

Step #1 – register a googlemail email account and setup your profile
Step #2 – click the “create accounts” button to automatically register as an author with magic
Article submitters huge list of built in article directories.
Step #3 – click the “activate accounts” button and magic article submitter will automatically
process the confirmation link emails to activate your accounts.
Step #4 – create your article and then select appropriate categories
Step #5 – click the “submit articles” button and magic article submitter will automatically submit
your article to around 700 directories.

While I was testing Magic Article Submitter I submitted articles containing backlinks to my website, .  I was amazed when after only a small number of posts using Magic article submitter, the Page rank of my site suddenly jumped to PR3.

Feel free to check it out for yourself.
is a new domain that was registered in April 2009, after just 2 months the domain has a Page rank of 3. This will give you an indication of the power of Magic Article Submitter.

I am now going to show you the features of Magic Article Submitter step by step.

The software has a built in wizard that makes it very easy to use.

Just click the wizard button and select “Go to Profiles management”
Then fill out the profile data and click next.

Magic Article Submitter will start creating your author accounts  with its huge built in database of  article directories.
Occasionally, windows will appear asking you to enter a captcha image text, which is required to

create an account on certain directories. Just enter the captcha image text and click “ok”
This process will take approximately 3 minutes to complete, and you will then have created accounts in around 700 directories.

If we go to the email inbox of the googlemail account used in my profile, you will see that there are lots of emails with activation links that have arrived. Do not worry! Magic Article Submitter will also automatically activate these accounts for you.

Just click the next button.

The software will start to read all emails containing activation messages,
and will also check the spam folder.

Next Magic Article Submitter will automatically activate all of your author accounts, by processing these activation links. Magic Article submitter will then verify the accounts by trying to log in to each article directory.

This process usually takes around 10 minutes and you can now see that we now have activated accounts in 665 article directories.

Not a bad start! We can also see a display of any errors caused by a of delay in receiving activation emails from article directories.
You may repeat the activation process any time you wish.

If I now log back into my mailbox, you can see that all activation messages have been automatically read.

We are now ready to add an new article.

To do this just Click  the next button.
Select create new article.
Then enter your article into the article wizard, making sure you complete each article field.

You can use either hand written articles or articles spun by Magic Article Rewriter, the best article rewriting and spinning tool on the market.

Using spun articles will submit a unique article to each directory and have a huge impact on the quality of inbound links you receive.
By using Magic Article Rewriter I can view rewritten versions of the article I have spun.

Just select, copy and paste the text for your title, summary, content, resource box and keyword anchored links. And then click next.

We are now going to select the categories that our article will be submitted to.
You can select multiple categories by entering different keywords and clicking the search button.
We are now ready to submit our article.

To close the wizard just click the finish button.

Now click the submit articles button, and
Magic article submitter will start submitting your article.

The submission process takes an average of just 5 minutes to complete.

Magic article submitter has just submitted my article into 286 directories that contain the categories I selected.

If you uncheck the bypass not selected categories checkbox, you will be able to manually select an appropriate category for your article, and maximize the quantity of your submitted articles up to around 700 submissions.

That’s basically it! Now you just need to add a new articles and submit them ! In just a few minutes you will have hundreds of quality back links to your site, as well as the extra traffic coming from the article directories themselves.
Look how my Magic Article Submitter works in real action – please watch this video and marvel how quickly the things can be done and how much time you will save: