The practical usage of Magic Article Rewriter

Magic Article Rewriter will help you rewrite your content with a simple click of a button! What you need to know about content rewriting is that it actually includes a preparation process, writing of a scratch, creating a spun version of the article (which takes between 10 and 15 minutes per article, and if you use the tokens database, this time will be only 5 minutes), and spinning it into different variations and unique versions! Something, which is very important in article marketing business, is that articles need to make the reader want to click on the link at the bottom of the article, usually placed in the resource box.

So what we’re looking for here is creating articles that have the highest click through rates, the percentage of those that people started to read and finally clicked on the link at the bottom. Magic Article Rewriter will create content full of sense, which will also be human readable!

It will create articles that have the greatest success in readers’ click through rate conversion. Moreover,. this way we will find out why and how the article is more successful and will use it to create more articles or for submissions to article directories.

For an article, which already has very high click through rate, all we have to do is increase the number of points of view and we have a piece of writing even greater than the one that we would have had, if we wrote a completely new article. Here the article rewriter will save you tons of time, because it’s extremely easy to use!

So how do we do all these things with the help of Magic Article Rewriter?

First, we need to go to the Google keyword tool. Now, we should select the main keywords of the article that we want to write. We have to study the list of keywords and the number of searches for each keyword that appear on the list.

Google will give a list of keywords, which are very identical to what you searched, and the number of people looking for each of those keywords.

You may see that the keyword toll will provide you a lot more keywords than you plan to use in your article. So, while you are looking for the appropriate keywords, you may also obtain new ideas about the keyword structure of your article! After we have found our keywords, it’s time to write the article! After we write the article (of course we may use already written article as well, as long as we don’t plagiarize), we have to put it inside the article rewriter! We have to rewrite the article keeping our main keywords in the list of words that should not be rewritten.

If we use the tokens database, it will be much easier, but even if we decide to do it on our own, we will have great results as well! The biggest advantage is that after we spin the sentences of the article and their words, we may generate literary hundreds, if not thousands of articles, which will have the same meaning like the first one, but will be completely unique as content! So, now we have let’s say 50 search engine optimized articles that are very unlikely to encounter on any other people’s websites.

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